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Believe it or not I always say to the couples that I coach that “conflict is a bridge to greater intimacy, it’s all in how you cross it.”
So many of the couples that I coach struggle to manage & move through conflict.
Through our couples coaching sessions you will learn how to move through the forming / storming / norming / & performing stages of your relationship.
Do you remember when you & your partner first got together everything was new, sexy, & exciting. You were in sync about most things because let’s be real there weren’t big issues to tackle at that time. You were in the forming stage of your relationship.
Then all of sudden new challenges emerged and before you knew it disagreements & fights ensued, feelings were suppressed, communication became strained, your needs went underground, & resentments crept in. Without knowing it you were in the storming phase of your relationship
In order for us to get to the norming & performing stages of your relationship.
It’s as easy as breathing to participate in norms or invisible rules that were passed down from your family of origin. They will dominate your relationship without you even knowing it.
We will exhaust old dysfunctional patterns and develop a co-written new normal that honors your unique strengths, assets, & will get us moving in the right direction.
We will visit the past only to learn from it & gather strength from your history, but we will not stay there. Our work will be solely focused on what’s working & what’s not working today / this week.
In order to get us to the performing stage I will offer you new tools that you both can try on and rehearse in a safe space. We will be vulnerable, have healthy rumbles, take healthy risks, & fail forward together towards success.
You will leave our sessions with improved communication, greater connection, deeper intimacy and you will have a new found understanding, respect, & appreciation for each other.
If you are ready to make a powerful change in your relationship I’m ready to take you there.